Bagpipe music in Scotland

The history of the bagpipes

Of course, when we think about Scotland and music, one of the first things that comes to mind are the traditional bagpipes, which date back to around 1400! Interestingly enough, the bagpipe actually arrived to Scotland from Europe and is not a Scottish invention. However, it seemed to fit in a lot with local culture, so much so that many Scottish towns had their own official pipers who were paid by local taxes (

Bagpipe music today

Bagpipe music seems to pervade Scotland today, infusing the landscape and towns with its power and creating an atmosphere that’s truly unique to the country. It’s not uncommon to encounter street pipers and folk songs played with fiddles, pipes and accordions all over the towns as well as inside the pubs.

If you head to the rolling green highlands of Scotland in Spring or Summer, you’re even more likely to encounter a group of traditional pipers, fully dressed in the traditional attire. In fact, due to the powerful instruments involved, bagpipe music is best heard outside, as it seems to reverberate for miles, adding a touch of the sublime to the landscape. That said, in the Scottish highlands it rains for over 250 days a year, and sometimes it’s not possible to enjoy bagpipe music out in the open. In that case, you might be better off sitting at a traditional pub or in your hotel lounge, and distracting yourself by playing games at a Paypal casino while listening to Scottish music in the background!

22 Jul 2019